Welcome to our paradise garden in Springvale …

The garden is run entirely by volunteers for the benefit of everyone and is growing into a place where the whole community can find something that gives them a better quality of life.

Springvale Community Garden is a vibrant community asset that is becoming increasingly well-known for its opportunities for volunteering as well as excellent seasonal vegetables, fruit and plants.

It is a four acre site on both sides of the River Don in Springvale, Penistone.

The garden is a registered charity with the aim of providing …

  • Education about growing and healthy eating
  • Conservation of the diverse habitat on the site
  • Purposeful Recreation – opportunities to get actively involved in a worthwhile and enjoyable project

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Read on to find out why Springvale Community Garden is so special and what you will find here ….

A wildlife garden

The garden is home to an amazing range of wildlife including birds, insects, butterflies and pond creatures. A new page is coming soon to tell you all about who you might meet here – watch this space!

A unique Physic Garden

Penistone Physic Garden is a herb garden of mainly medicinal, but also culinary and other useful plants. It contains many English herbs, “they being best for English bodies” to quote Nicholas Culpeper, author of Culpeper’s Herbal from 1653 – [ click here to find out more … ]

An orchard

We have many fruit trees in the garden including several varieties of apples, pear trees and a plum tree with conveniently placed benches so that you can sit and enjoy the garden. We also have a figs, cherry, nectarine and peach trees.

Stunning flower borders

The garden is home to some stunning herbaceous borders which provide a beautiful backdrop and attract our precious pollinating insects.

Raised beds & polytunnels

We have several large polytunnnels which we use for growing fruit and vegetables and raised beds for summer crops.

A wildlife pond and dipping platform

The wildlife pond and dipping platform gives us a wonderful habitat for all sorts of insects and pond creatures. Children are welcome to go fishing from the platform and nets are provided! A new page is coming soon to tell you all about the residents – watch this space!

Bug hotels and wildlife habitats

Each of our gardens, on both sides of the river Don are home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. Conservation of the diverse habitat on the site is one of our key purposes and everything that we do in the garden is designed to work with the nature here.

A peaceful sensory garden

The sensory garden a part of the garden dedicated to finding peace and tranquility with seating amongst the trees. A place of calm where you can take a few moments to be close to nature.

Riverside nature garden

This area is a hidden gem accessible from the bottom of Don Street in Springvale. It is around an acre on the bank of the River Don and we hold this land in trust for the benefit of the community. There is a path leading down the bank, across the marshy area and along the riverside until it climbs up again. Near the riverside there are picnic benches. Anyone is free to visit and it is open access – [ click here to find out more … ]

A shop and plant nursery

Our plants and produce are developing a reputation for quality. Seasonal, fresh, chemical free fruit and vegetables are available at the garden every Wednesday and Saturday between 10am and 2pm. You will also find a range of garden plants and herbs for sale. All the money raised goes into running the garden so every cabbage or pot of jam makes a difference. In fact, our new shop cabin was funded entirely from sales of vegetables and produce.

Activities for children

Over recent years we’ve made huge improvements to the site through donations and funding. We’ve been able to host activities and workshops for children and adults with this generous support. Several of the local schools now visit on a regular basis and we’ve had children’s parties, meetings and family BBQs. Families are welcome to visit and just enjoy the garden – bring a picnic!

A friendly welcome

The garden is run entirely by volunteers. You are welcome to get involved or just to visit the garden for peace and recreation. You will always be made welcome.

If you are interested in volunteering, you don’t need to be a gardener! There’s something to suit everyone – [ click here to find out more … ]

Freshly picked, seasonal produce

Our homegrown seasonal produce is freshly picked on the mornings that the garden is open to the public. Everything is chemical-free and fresh. All money raised goes into running the garden.

For a selection of recommended recipes using our own produce – [ click here … ]

Homemade jams and chutneys

Our jams, marmalades, chutneys and honey are all made on the premises from our homegrown fruit and vegetables. We try out unusual recipes and the flavour is second to none.

You can find some lovely jam and chutney recipes here – [ click here … ]

Our own beehives and honey!

We even have our own beehives with honey and beeswax for sale in the shop.