Springvale Logo
Springvale Logo

Welcome to our little paradise in Springvale ...

Springvale Community Garden is a charity with the aim of providing:

  • Education about growing and healthy eating
  • Conservation of the diverse habitat on the site
  • Purposeful Recreation. Opportunities to get actively involved in a worthwhile and enjoyable project

The garden is a vibrant community asset which is becoming increasingly well known for the opportunities for volunteering as well as excellent seasonal vegetables, fruit and plants. It is a four acre site on both sides of the River Don in Springvale, Penistone.

It is growing into a place where the whole community can find something that gives them a better quality of life.


Who would have thought that the garden would look as beautiful as it does today?

People who haven’t visited for a while will be amazed at the progress on the site. Until the mid-1970’s the site was the sewage works for Penistone. After that it became a training area for long-term unemployed people, then a commercial nursery. When it closed at the end of 2006 the site fell into dereliction. It was then handed in trust to Penistone and District Community Partnership who decided to continue the gardening tradition at the site and to develop it as a community garden.

The area on the South side of the River Don is now a nature haven. Volunteers have worked hard to improve access and to create a picnic area.

Restoration work began on the Garden in the summer of 2008. Gradually volunteers have cleared the site and created ...

  • a unique Physic Garden – a demonstration garden of medicinal, culinary and other useful plants.
  • raised beds, greenhouse and polytunnels for vegetable growing
  • an orchard
  • a gorgeous flower border
  • a pond, bug hotels and other wildlife habitats
  • a nature haven and picnic area on the South side of the River Don

How we raise funds ...

Our plants and produce are developing a reputation for quality. Seasonal, fresh, chemical free fruit and vegetables can’t be beaten. They are available at the garden every Wednesday and Saturday. All the money raised goes into running the garden as we are entirely run by volunteers. So every visitor who buys a cabbage or a pot of jam makes a difference. In fact, our new shop cabin was funded entirely from sales of vegetables and produce.

For large improvements and major developments we look for funding or donations from a variety of sources. We’re enormously grateful to organisations that have supported us over the years, including:

  • Penistone Ward Alliance
  • Cooperative Community Fund
  • Tesco Bags of Help
  • Round Table
  • Ladies Circle
  • Penistone Town Council
  • South Yorkshire Police
  • Yorkshire Bank

We’ve made huge improvements to the site through donations and funding

  • A wonderful pond and dipping platform
  • Fabulous drystone wall raised flower bed
  • Paths and parking making the site safer and more accessible
  • Refurbished polytunnels providing year-round growing opportunities and scope for working inside when the Penistone weather is unkind.
  • A nature haven
  • Fruit cage to keep the birds off the fruit.
  • Toilet block
  • Seating
  • Raised beds with new scaffolding boards
  • Better equipment and training to maintain the site

We’ve also been able to host activities and workshops for children and adults with this generous support.