Volunteering at the garden …

Are you interested in volunteering – would you like to get involved in the garden? You don’t need to be a gardener! There’s something to suit everyone.

Our volunteers have many different reasons for being involved. Some enjoy getting stuck into physical tasks others play a role with administration. Some enjoy being part of a group, being part of a worthwhile cause or just coming to the garden for relaxation.

Many are retired and being part of the garden provides companionship and purpose as well as keeping fit and active. Some volunteers find the garden helps with their recovery from physical or mental illness or personal difficulties.

Our volunteers include engineers, gardeners, builders, lecturers, administrators, some who would say they have no particular skill and simply enjoy helping in whatever way they can. 

… you can expect a warm welcome!

We have a growing number of families who appreciate volunteering with their children to help them learn about food and healthy eating as well as getting out in the fresh air.

Corporate volunteers are increasing. Nat West, ASOS and Lloyds TSB have volunteered this year.

From sowing seeds to harvesting crops, mowing grass and weeding vegetable beds to heavier work such as clearing new spaces, building maintenance and looking after the equipment. There’s always plenty to do!

You don’t need expertise or experience just be willing to give it a go. There is always someone here to support you or guide you. We also need people who have administrative and marketing skills. In fact everyone can join in, do something worthwhile for the community, keep fit and have fun!

There really is something for everyone.

What are you waiting for?

Working together, our wonderful volunteers have …

  • Created a unique Physic Garden – a demonstration garden of medicinal, culinary and other useful plants.
  • Restored many of the buildings, green house and polytunnels.
  • Created raised beds for vegetable growing.
  • Planted an orchard.
  • Cleared a lot of the derelict and rubbish strewn land.
  • Created a flower border.
  • Built a pond, bug hotels and other wildlife habitats.
  • Made woodland paths and seating areas.
  • Built a great reputation for seasonal produce and “grow at home” vegetable plants.

Now it is growing into a place where the whole community can find something that gives them a better quality of life.

We’re open for volunteering every Wednesday and Saturday from 10am to 2pm – come and meet us – you can be sure of a warm welcome.

Volunteering at Springvale – it’s good for you …

People volunteer for many reasons. Here’s a few from our volunteers…

“I love being part of a project that is doing something worthwhile for the community.”

“I like to be part of a team. It’s a social thing and it’s great when we achieve tasks together.”

… good for the environment …

“Although I have retired, I feel I have a lot to give and skills to offer and it’s nice to give something back.”

“Working with the school parties is great fun…just to see the look on their faces when they hold a worm for the first time or realise that carrots actually come out of the ground and not from the supermarket.”

“This place is special. It’s calming and peaceful to be growing plants. I find it so relaxing.”

… and it’s good for the community

“It keeps me fit and active…I like to be outside in the fresh air.”

“Our whole family enjoys volunteering together. We’re outside, get stuck in and having fun.”

When to Volunteer

Every Wednesday and Saturday from 10am to 2pm